“We were looking

Around us. We were looking at the people who entered in and came out from the bar. We had still our hands holded one in another above our legs. At each breathe we had  have made, we could feel new sensantions that flowed in us.
We were there, we could, feel the feeling of each people who was in the bar. And each people who was enter, it was like as if a new emotion strike us.
But it was  a person who was enter in the bar, accompanied by another, it made, hold tighten the hand of Luke in mine.
It was a girl with a boy.
tangle059sommaWithout asking, just looking at Luke wide eye open, i’ve understood that she was his ex-girlfriend. She was looking at herself around. She seemed she was looking for someone. She was looking for Luke.
The emotions around us were became great. The old chains were looking for to chain again Luke.
His hand were tightening my hands stronger, as if he wanted to be had hold back.
His eyes were set on her, but she, wasnt able to see him.
I would have not stop him, if he had wanted go to her. But Luke didnt have any desire to move himself.
He was, only looking at her and he was understanding, that she wasnt changed, at all.
She was looking herself around in search of something, but in reality, she wasnt looking at nothing. She was drunk already when she was entered in the bar with his friend.
She has took another drink, babbling something incomprehensible, even to the barman.
I have tighted Luke hand always more, understanding more the reason he didnt wanted ask her to marry him. My heart beated fast, cause i was able to feel the sensations Luke felt in those moments, and i wasnt able to tackle them.
I was witness of this scene unable to do something. I was only watching the Luke expression changes at every stupid moves that she was making.
The only good thing, was that his hands was always tight in mine, as an anchor.
I was for him the future, and he was looking at the past that it was going away, so as he left it.”


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