builda_scuriTo dive myself in my tale, i would like say you, how i feel you close to me. Maybe i repeat myself, but i’ve missed it to feel this sensation, and now it’s get growing up always more in me, as if you want me let me know you’re here by my side and i can feel you. I can feel your embrace and your heat is growing up in me and i cant help it.
I can feel your arms around me and our parallel world is opening, while you turn me around and our eyes diving themselves eachother, one in another. I feel, we get connect us eachotherĀ  in these hours in a strong way. I feel you and i feel, you do the same, and more i write in this open diary, more i convince myself that in someway, you take a look on what i writing, wherever you are, you know that there are me that i needĀ  to write you what i feel when i feel your closeness, despite our real distance, even if i asking myself ‘Is it this the real distance?’ when i feel you close to me, when i feel the flows come and go trough our minds and i need to close my eyes to feel you here, close to me, feel you’re embracing me. It’s necessary little and our hearts can beat at unison and our parallel world wrapping us eachother wherever we are, and suddenly we are together.


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