“We had have” – ○94○


Decided to walk , instead to take the car.
So, we had take a deep breath and we have opened the door, and we were came out.

We set out toward the bar, under my house.
You have take my hand.
Our hearts were beating as a crazy one, our emotions were at maximum.
We were living a new life, and everything rounded us talked to us.
Each new sensations, was a small jolt.

More we were approached to the bar, our hearts seemed to explode.
It was the first time, after the unfortunate exit, and after we had completed our transformation, that we were back in a public location.

Those faces were always the same, the same glances set on us: the same murmuring.
This time we didn’t care of it, and we were went at my table.
We ordered some beers.
All time we had kept us for hands.

My table was settled at bottom of the room, but we could, see well who enter in the bar.”



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