“Still on sofa

dealing0016_forteWe were recovering all our breath, while we’ve looked at us eachother. Your eyes were set on me and your hands  caressed me sweetly.
We were still, arounded us by those feelings that we didnt still understood. Each breathe we’ve made, had have collected new vibrations that excited us.
Our heart seemed wanted explode, and all arounded us, seemed had a new meaning.
We were collecting all this informations as fast as possible. We were doing it in silence, looking at around us, hand in hand.
Ocassionally, we looked at us, one another. We were in in silence, but inside of us, there was a lot of uproar, that even we had wanted to talk, we werent  able to hear us, one another.
We were assimilating all that, and all the things were around us it was as if it talked us and the uproar we were feeling, it was their voices.
Slowly these voices faded.  We were looked at around us, and now the silence was more silencious, it was like, as if we were falled in a black hole. But for to come out from this strange sensation, the only thing we had thought, has been to come out, leave that  apartment for some hours and to watch what would be happens.”



“We had have ⇒

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