It’s from i

boogaloo_forte0041Woke up myself, that i feel your closeness around me, and i sighing more than usual, cause i feeling you really, in someways, here next to me, and more i watch the statics of this open diary, more i convice that in someway, sometimes, you take a look on what i write in this diary, and my heart explode as a bomb launched from a pirate ship.
Your closeness is very strong and what i feel, are your eyes set on me, just like in this pic, and i can feel them, and i feel our parallel world around us and wrapping us eachother, despite our distance. I must to take a deep breathe to dont drive crazy. It was several days that i havent felt your closeness so strong inside of me, i havent felt our flow came and go so rapid trough our minds.
Maybe i will be crazy, but i dont think you think im crazy, because in your deep, i know, you are feeling the same emotions, i feeling it in these moments, and silencely, you know, that’s our parallel world wants so, and we want it even us too. We want feel us scrambled inside by our feelings.


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