tully34forteWe were feeling good, you was assured yourself that i was good.  ‘Are you sure?’ you have asked me with your deep voice. We looked at us one another, and you have begun to caressed my face. Of all experiences we had, this has been the most dangerous. We were still, taking breathe and we were taking oxygen.
We were came out from that tight path and slowly we were set us free from all the chains of the past that were still in our minds, and finally we were free to  go on.
From this point on, we, really, were ready to face up to all the adversity that the world would have put us in front.
We were still on the sofa, looking at around us, and the only we could, to hear was our blood flowing in our veins.
We were elaborating all this, and all our emotions, all our feelings were go back at the very first sensation we had felt when our glances were crossed eachother, there, in the bar.
As, a breath of fresh air has been our first glance, it has been the same sensation when we were came out from that invisible tight path, few minutes ago.
The first thought we had have, has been «the primordial birth». The meeting, the sensantions, the love we made, the journey, the growth, and at the end our very first breathe we have made after go trought the last path, so tight and full of old chains.
We were reborn, and we’ve made it, together.”



“Still on sofa ⇒

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