insta0817forte-1That kiss, we were looked at us, one another, as if we wanted stay so.
The air was still, and we were swallowed in of it. We’ve felt need to making slow moves.
Another wave of things were about to happen.
You have take my hand and slowly, really slowly, we were settled on the sofa.
We lacked the air. We were making little breathe to dont faint. The air was heavy. All around us was going slowly. The only things that ran were our minds. Even our heart beated really slow. This situation, could be, distressing, but we knew it wasnt at all. We lacked  the breathe, but the only we could do was looking at us, one another and hold our hands tight.
Eyes in eyes, hands in hands, we had have feeling a thread of air around us. At the same time we had looked the point where the air came out. We were looked at us, for a second and we have saw another pink stone floating. It was coming toward to us. Slowly the air was becoming more light, and finally when the stone falled in the middle of us, the bubble of heavy air in which we were in, has exploded, and we had take a deep breathe and we have had could breathe normally. We had closed the eyes at the same time. We have had  still our hands tight one another.
When, even the last of heavy air gust faded
, we had opened the eyes and we have take a look at the stone. We didnt wanted believe what we were seeing. Our enhancement, changes for the better. What we were seeing was Jera.  And it was what we had feeling in that moments, as if we had go trough an interior path, so tight, crowded by our own past problems, thoughts and anchors from which we werent able still to set us free, till now on. What we had have in front of us, was a new path, that we had have must go trough together, aware of what we had have in front of us.”


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