“Slowly we were

Realizing, all that we  were living wasnt a dream born from a glance shared in a bar, but we were creating an our own world full of our emotions. And that joy was the nucleus, the centre of what we were feeling.
We were having breakfast, in that table, one in front of another. While we were eating, we could feel still the flow of the other, enter in us. Slowly we were about exceed, even the moment of surprise for all this.
tully24forteYou was looking at me, and in your glance i recognized the very first glance you have launched me the very first night you came in the bar. I had a jolt and i became all red in face. You stared at me, and you have start to talk. ‘When i came in the bar that night, i was looking for something, even me didnt know what i was looking for. But when our eyes were have crossed, my heart was stopped.  And from that moment i’ve understood that my search was over. As i told, you have give me the strenght to go on.’
I was looking at you as if i was in a dream, but it wasnt a dream, it was the real reality, and you was telling me the same feelings i have felt when you came in the bar.
From the first meeting, ours souls were connecting eachother, one another, and when i have had go trough the crowded bar, and i was falled and you have helped me to stand up, there, in that touch we were get connected us definitly.
We had finished breakfast, and you was standing yourself, you have collected the cups, and slowly you came next to me, and  you have looked at me and sweetly you have caressed my face whispering me one of the most beautiful phrases that i ever heard.
‘Without you, i didnt believe, i could do it.’ And slowly you was appproach me and sweetly you have kissed me, while a tears was falling from my face. My heart was about to explode.”


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