It was from

smile11forteSeveral days that i didnt feel our connection so strong, as from yesterday. It’s has been so beautiful to feel it again grow up in me so slowly to explode inside and around me.
If i close my eyes and i take a deep breathe i can feel you here next to me, close to me and your closeness is strong.
I feel our minds getting connect eachother and our flows come and go trought our parallel world in a strong way and almost my head explode. I have had missing to feel these sensations. But now, we are get connect us one another and slowly, while i typing on this keyboard, my fingers shaking and i know our connection is strong, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.
In someways you have whispered my name or something has bring you to me, and from there our connection has growed up always more.
Now my thoughts, my vise in stomach get bigger and bigger and  i know, that’s you in someway you want let me know our connection is always present.
I feel you and you feel me. We feeling us close one another. We are loving us in this way. The only we know… for now.


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