“For a while

tully10forteWe had felt our emotions flowing in us and this has thrilled us.
You have looked at me smiling me, as if you ask
 me ‘Do you feelt it?’ and i have smiled you in my turn. We were feeling happy.
The joy was in the air and in our eyes, inside of us.
We were loving us eachother alot, and we have heard it, even only with few glances.
As the stones told us, we were reaching our stability, and in these sweet glances, we had felt that our love was at the maximum.
While you settled the breakfast on the table, our  eyes didnt wanted break away, one another, and your smile was the only beautiful thing that i could, see. When we  have had breakfast the only thing we could, feel, was our joy to stay in the same place, making the most simply thing, as having breakfast, the most beatiful.
We were simply happy and we were feeling us more close than ever.
We were loving us one another in the most intense way, only smiling us.
And we were dived ourselves in the eyes of the other, as the only peaceful place to stay, in this state of happiness.”


⇐“I was

“Slowly we were ⇒

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