“I was

micheal638x425Wake up myself with you stared at me. I have opened my eyes and you was smiling me.
‘I would watch you for hours’ you whispered me. I’ve  blushed while i settled up on the bed. My heart beated hard.
This was the second time, that you have said me it. And even this time it had a great effect on me.
From the window entered a big ray of light and  illuminate the room but even our souls and we were feeling it. We were wake up ourselves with a new energy inside. For a while we have thought to what was happened few hours earlier. The big emotions we had felt, but it has been  only few seconds.
We smiled at us one another and  you, with your smile that i loved so much, you have asked me ‘What do you  want today for breakfast, my princess?’, while you have lifted me and slowly you have took me in your arms and with all your gentleness, we came down.
You made me settled on the seat in front of the kitchen table, and while you went to prepare the breakfast, you have kissed me my hand, as a knight does with his princess. And while you have left my hand, you have whispered ‘How much you are beautiful’…. you was about to kiss me again, but you stopped yourself. If you had kiss me you wouldnt stop yourself.
I could, feel it.”


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