“We were

bass_fortee7-1Looked at us, one another, as if we could face up to, for real, any adversity of the world.
You have looked at me and then you have whispered me ‘We had suceeded this, together, and we will to succeed even the other things.’ Your glance, your eyes were so determinated.
I felt a little lost. I was still dazed for what i just felt inside of me.
You seemed just ready to come out and to fight any battle that the world would have put in front of you.  You was load.
I’ve take your hands and you was settled next to me, on the sofa. I have take a look beyond your shoulders and i have just realized that it was evening.
You have took a glimpse behind you. The light of the day had made place to the night, then you have looked at me, caressing my face, saying me ‘You have right. We must rest ourselves’. I didnt say nothing, but, by now, we could, hear our thoughts, even we do not say nothing.
I was still scrambled by these all new feeling that was flowing in me, and i didnt know how manage them. Even me, i felt this need to comes out and face up everything, but i felt still confused and i have prefered to rest.
You have take me and sweetly, you have take me in the bedroom, and while you was leaning me on the bed, you have felt the desire to stay by my side. And you was leaning on the pillow and with your embrace, you have wrapped me and i have put my hands and my head on your chest.
Slowly, caressing eachother, we was about sleeping us.”


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