“This was” – ○86○


A new sensation that was flowing in us, and it made us feel more strong.

We looking us, as the very first times at the bar: we were almost embarrassed.
We were feeling our heart beating like crazy.
It was happening something inside of us: like a wind of new emotions were about wrap us.
We were tightening us one with another.
They were growing up inside us.

Were strong emotions.
From an immense joy we were passed slowly, to feel a sad feeling, and in our eyes were about to fall some tears.
We didn’t understood what was happening, but the only consolation, was that we were there together, and it that enough a glimpse to the other to understand that we were about exceeding another level, and we were about to arrive in another place of Our Parallel World.

It was like, as if the most beautiful rainbow had enveloped us, and we in front of these colours, this warmth, we remained breathless, and speechless, and it had move ourselves.

Now we were ready to face up that new world, and any adversity that this had put in front of us.

We were feeling this new sensations with more ardour, and more passion.
Going through this path, without moving us, we were looked at us, and we had seen all the feelings that were going trough us.
That instant seemed have no end.

A sense of tranquillity was pervading us.
We held back the air for then threw it away.”



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