I feeling


Your approaching to me.
I close my eyes and slowly i feel your embrace. My back is bare and i can feel your soft shirt that sweetly touch me. Your embrace is so sweet and our hearts begin to beat fast and at unison.
You turn me around and my hands placing immediately on your chest, and suddenly the magic is fulfilled.
Our eyes tell us what are our deep desire, and slowly all what we wants become reality.
Our lights floating around us and in the most sweetest way, we entering in our parallel world.
I feel, you are whispering my name and i collect your call, whispering your name at my turn.
We can touch us eachother just if we want.
Just closing our eyes, take a deep breathe and stretch our hands, and we are there, only us, just embraced, without say nothing, that enough to hear our feeling, and they say what are our feelings one for another.