“We were” – ○82○

About reaching our stability, and we were understanding that something was about to happening still between the stones.
Another our little satellite was about to fall in the middle of us.
We were feeling it.
australialukeforteThis other stone of pink quartz, was floating in the air, and slowly placed itself on my legs.

After Ehwaz: after the awareness, it arrived the joy and the enthusiasm of Inguz, that has gave us more vigour to live these new emotions that continuously were flowing in us.

We were feeling still lost, but we knew that we were feeling the same thing, and above all at the same instant.
You have looked at me almost moved: a tear was about to fall from your face.
You was understanding that in those instants that inside you was about to born something new

I was looking at you, your expression was slowly changing.
But all that was happening even me.
In those few minutes, we both, have reached our interior stability, and slowly, we have felt a sense of joy, and enthusiasm that has pervaded us.
We looked at us one another.

Your tear was falling, and I’ve dry it with my finger.
In those few seconds, we have understood that we have had go through that path from different points, but at the end we were met again, and we re -united us in this new life.”


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