“We were assimilating

dwd_fortedAll that as faster as possibile.
We couldn’t stay as dazed for all the time.
We were about be more aware about what was has happened us in this time frame.
From now on, we would be wrapped by sensantions and emotions that would been  a new path of life for both of us.
We were looked at us.  We smiled eachother, and you gently, have take my hand and have take
 me and together, we came downstairs.
Our glances were still surprised of how we had understood all this new condition.
I went  to settled myself on the sofa, while you went to get something to drink and some to eat.
We wanted to start a speech, but we were looked at us around, still speechless.
You was settled yourself next to me. We were looked at us, as if each of us could see, the colors inside of the other. The own soul’s colors. We could see, the same moltitude of colors, floating and mixing itself together.
We were surprised of how many beauty we have could create. You have hold me tight my hand.
Your eyes was set on me, and as if you didnt wanted break this magic atmosphere, have whispered me ‘ Are we us creating, this?’  And in another whisper i’ve replied you ‘I think so’, looking at around . It was so fantastic and slowly a stone was about take the flight to fall down in the middle of us. It was Ehwaz. We were about to reach our stability.”


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“We were ⇒

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