save_26lineareI have begin to feel you was approach and now you’re here around me. I’m biting my lips, cuz i feel your hands wrapping me with your embrace, and i know that slowly you’ll turn me around and our eyes will meet eachother. It’s useless say you, that it’s the moment i waited for in whole of my day. Our minds get connecting eachother, by now, suddenly and when i feel myself so, i know in someway, you feel the same.  Little by little, even in the reality, we are realizing, that everything wrapping us, it get us closer and closer, more the time pass by.
Aint only in a tale that our personal feelings crossing eachother
Sometimes, i still cant believe it, but what i feeling is more stronger that it goes beyond the reasonable thought.
And all what happening inside of me, goes beyond and all is toward to you.
I would like find a explication to all of this, but there isnt, and for me it’s ok. And for you?


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