I really

20-10-19forteDont know how we were get connect eachother. Which strange flows of the universe put us in touch, but last night my vise in my stomach has growed up suddenly always more.
I’ve felt it make itself more bigger and my head was exploding more than usual. My little voice, or maybe was your whisper called me and it said me to check your favorite social. And you was there, you had just posted this pic. I was about to drive crazy. But i have take a deep breathe and i close my eyes and i have felt you here close to me.
You was saying me something. I still deciphering it.
Our parallel world is closer than we can imagine. And what i feeling is becoming more strong, more the timeĀ  pass by.
I really dont know, if even you can feel what im feeling, bu t what which i feeling in these days make me feel closer to you more than earlier, and that thin line between our parallel world and the realĀ  world, has becoming more short.
And i take always a look at our stones, and what they says me still surprise me.
Our parallel world is here and always more faster transforming itself in something more fantatstic.


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