“As if we” – ○79○


As if we Don’t want break away one from another, you have continued to look at me in silence and you approached to me, and you begun to kiss me, again, as if you have absolutely need it.

We were still in that bubble full sensations.
The orgasm we just have had slowly disappeared.
We were still feeling the contractions, and you didn’t want stop that, but we were exhausted, and the only thing you could, do, for to crown that sweet moment, was give me your, sweetest kisses.

As you, me too, I had need to feel those emotions, and to know that our parallel world wasn’t disappeared.
We had need to know, that what which we had created that magic just just making love.
We knew, that Gebo was a powerful stone, and just uniting us, we would have the confirm of all that.

The great feeling we had felt at our very first meeting, at the bar, wasn’t faded: on the contrary, more time, passed by, more that bond was uniting us always more, and more we would have knew could face up to new experiences together, more our parallel world would be greatest, and more we felt us part of it.


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