“As if we

Dont want break away, you have still continued to look at me silencely and you approached to me, and you had begin to kiss me, again, as if you have absolutely need it.
You was kissing me, just kissing.
We were still in a bubble of  great sensantions.
The orgasm we just have had was so slowly faded out. We were still feeling the contractions inside of us, and you didnt want stop this great sensantion that we were feeling, but we were exhausted, and the only thing you could, do, for to crown this sweet moment, was give me yours tenderest, sweetest and passionate of your kisses.
As you, me too, i had need to feel these emotions and as if i have need to be wrapped by our own feelings and to know that our parallel world wasnt disappeared.
We both, had need to know it. We had need to know that the magic we have had created, in which we were living, was still around us, and unconciously, we knew that just making love, we would have know it. We knew, that Gebo was a powerful stone, and just uniting us, making love, we would have known it.
The great feeling we had felt at our very first meeting, at the bar, wasnt fading. On the contrary, more time, passed by, more we were united in all senses, making love or not, more we would have face up to new experiences of life, more our parallel world would be more great, more and we were feel part of it, as if we were the centre of it.”



“We looked ⇒

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