I have felt


You in a way more intimate. Something said me you have take a look on the last part of my tale. I was on television and i have felt myself a little excited, but i didnt watched any romantic scene, but in someways i have felt excited, as if we get connected us, because you was reading something has excited you, and our parallel world has let us know it.
I have felt your excitement and i was excited with you.
And now i feel your closeness, my heart beating hard.
If i close my eyes, make a deep breathe, you’re just here, with your eyes set on me, but you dont speak. You are letting our emotions talks.
I feel your emotions getting bigger and bigger.
In our parallel world our reciprocal sensations are amplifying each day pass by.
We feel closer despite our real distance.
That enough that we stretching our hands toward the other and for magic, we can touch us and our emotions can explode at the same time.


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