monte197_moltiplicaWith its rustle, your shirt was open itself and you was remained still, looking at me, while i was kissing your bare chest, sliding my hands in your shirt till it didnt uncovered your shoulders till i wasnt completly satisfied. You was lay down on the bed and i was above you.
You was looking at me, knowing that you didnt must move yourself, just to think to enjoy you what i was doing to you.  Doing, the bare minimum.
I was lying down on you, while our lips meeting in a passionate kiss, while so slowly, my hands have touched your black pants, just there, between your legs, and suddenly i have felt what i wanted to feel. Your desire was growing up. But your pants were still closed.
I have opened them
We were kissing us, your shirt was like as i wanted it, your desire was growing up, i could, feel it and my hand was touching it. And your eyes were closed, and your moaning resounded in the room, making me feel thrilled, always more. Slowly all around us, has become light. Suddenly you was able to block me and you have reversed me on the bed.
Lifting, my hands up, you have begin to kiss me at your own way, and you have slided your hand in my slip, almost snatching it. I was already, all wet, and without think it, you have penetrated me vigorously. You have continued to come out and go in me always more faster, till both we have reached the most beautiful orgasm in our life.
At the end, we have stared at us one another, and we were felt rewarded of that exit we’ve made few hours earlier.”



“As if we ⇒

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