Look at (14th open letter to Luke)

easyallies044forteYourself around, look at inside of you. Close your eyes and make, as i do in this istant, a deep breathe. Our parallel world getting connect us despite our real distance.
Here we can feel our feeling expand. Take my hand and look at us one another. Free our emotions and making happens what it must be happens.
I just feel your eyes set on mine, and my heart is beating hard.
At the only thought you’ve read what i’ve wrote about, only be a friend of mine, you have smiled, but i think. it was one of the most sincere reply you have ever received.
And, by now, you should know, how much i love you, and you should know how much i feel in connection with you, even if this this could be so strange.
But from the dream i’ve made almost eleven months ago, i feel a world that get connect us one another. Our parallel world.
I’m thinkingĀ  you.


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