Im still

insta0817forteIn this limbo of emotions that wrapping me and i feel your closeness inside of me, and our parallel world getting connect us in a way that i cant explain even to me.
It explode suddenly and i feel your closeness as if you was really next to me, as if you eyes was set on me and my heart begins to beat so fast and i must to stop whatever im doing to come here and write what i feel.
It’s more stranger than usual.
To write here, on this open diary, makes me feel more close to you, and in someway i know, you wait to read what i write.
Look, my hand are shaking, my soul is shaking, and i feel you close to me, even i dont know where you are now, but what i know is, that you’re next to me, touching my heart with all the emotions you’re giving me in these days. You’re realizing of that, because i feel it, despite our distance. But what it get unite us is our parallel world, and now we are in of it.
Our heart are beating at unison, we both feel it, and we feel our closeness. We are smiling us one to another. If i close my eyes and i take a deep breathe i can feel even your scent and it wrapping me.
We are thinking eachother, reciprocally, in this moment.
We are in our parallel world.


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