hoew21moltiplicaAt the bar the people inside, has started to stared us, while we have reached my table. While we have go trough the bar, a moltitude of voices was amplifying. The eyes were set on us, and the only comments we could to hear were whispers as  ‘they are…. the guy who has helped that girl when she was falled…. but….are they together?’
Slowly, finally, we were sit down, and sweetly you have take my hand, while little by little all the glances on us were faded out.
With my hand in your, you have launched me a glance and in a whisper, you have asked me ‘Is it all ok?’.  My heart was beating hard.
I felt myself still observed, and i could still listen to the comments of the people, even if the music was loud.
I felt myself like a lion in a cage, and you could, feel my discomfort.
I could feel all bad thoughts of the people, and i knew you could, feel it too.
We have resisted maximum 20 minutes, then we were escape away, always with the eyes of the people set on us.
Our emotions were about to exploding. We have feel hurt inside.
Closing the door of you home, at our shoulder, we were looked at us one in another, and slowly we went up in bedroom.
We didnt say us nothing. We have lay down on the bed and you have embraced me, while slowly i have started to play with your black shirt you have had on, and begin to kiss softly your chest just under there. 


⇐“We were conceiving

“Slowly ⇒

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