“We were conceiving” – ○76○


The world in a total different vision.
We tightened in our embrace, wrapped from new sensations and feelings.

We were entering in a new level of the life.
A level higher of our emotions.
We looked at us.
We were feeling the need to come out.
Our hearts were beating at unison, and our energetic flows were merging one in another.

By now, we had decided: we would came out.
“But where?” I asked.
Tightening my hips, whispering, you have said me: “In the only place we know. In the bar, where we’ve met us.

All around us was going slowly, and we with it.
We were ready to go out.
In front of the door with the key in the keyhole, we stopped: we looked at us each other, and we had taken a deep breathe, and at the end you have opened the door.

We were leaving the only place that now, had really belong to us.”


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