broken159_forteIt enough few istants and our parallel world get connect us one to another, and our flows becoming stronger. That’s happening in these hours and i feel your closeness. The thud i feeling is growing up faster and when i close my eyes, i  take a deep breathe, something inside of me says me you’re doing the same, wherever you are and whatever you doing, and the magic explodes around us and the only we must do is whisper our names and in they are transportated in a cloud. And slowly we entering in our parallel world, where we approaching one to another and in front one of another, we stare us.
You take my hips, i place my hands on our chest and slowly you let them slide in your shirt. Slowly our lips touching. Kindly we let us go to all our deepest desires.
I feel you close to me.
As you need me, i need you.


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