“We had go” – ○75○

Crossed the window.
We looked each other, and each of us knew what the other was thinking.
A force inside of us, pushed us to say a name, and we have say it at the same time: “Raido”.

blindfortee02We were looked us, almost incredulous.
But it was what Raido had said us, the first night.
We should have accomplished a journey, and we have done it, but surely, we hadn’t think a kind of journey, like that.
In some way we had to imagine it.
That magic atmosphere, and what we had feeling in those hours, now, it was making part of our lives.

We were settled on sofa, staring at us, one in another.
We weren’t saying us nothing, but were doing it through our minds.

In those seconds, we have realized that we had accomplished all the wills of the stones.
Under Gebo we united us doing love, under Raido we had done that wonderful journey, and Algiz had protected us.

Now, it was hard to return to the normal life as we have had conceived it till that moment.
What we had need now, was to be wrapped in our embrace and let go all of our feelings and let us go to all that it could happen.


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