How you

daily_default13forteSmiled me, tonight. And how much you was sweet with me. You had that smile printed in you face and you stared at me wherever i went. You didnt take your eyes off from me
Our connection didnt leave us a minute, and now im writing here, i feel it stronger. If i close my eyes i can feel you are close to me and you wrapping me with your embrace. What i really need now.
We didnt say nothing, we have only smiled us eachother and everything around us was, yes black and white, but fantastic. With your glance, you was looked for me, and when our glance met eachother, our parallel world expand itself in a wonderful way.
Now that im writing you, i feel you close to me, as if that dream i’ve made tonight it wanted say me that you’re thinking to me in these hour more than usual, as i doing.
Maybe our parallel world does exists for real and we must realize all that, and all that isnt just friut of my fervid imagination, because what which i feel is so real and all that i living with you, it making me feel closer to you.


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