In these

lukedoor_marcop02_contrarioforteiHours, the only presence in my head that’s you, and nobody cant remove. In some ways our connection is always active. I whisper your name and you collect my recall replying with your whisper. We looking at us eachother trought this little screen. We feeling us eachother close one to another, more than ever.
Im still thinking of your last tweet and nobody doesnt take off from my mind that it was directed to me.  And if i think of it, more i convice myself that it is so.
Our connection is strong in these hours and if i close my eyes and i take a deep breathe, i can feel your closeness more stronger. Our hearts beating hard and we cant help it.
I’m me , now, who asking you, ‘What are you thinking?’
We are close mentally, we feel us in a such way that i still  cant believe it. And all it’s began 10 months ago or even  more earlier, but what i feel it’s still a mystery, but it’s a beautiful mystery i had never felt in my whole life.
Everytime our parallel world get connect us, one to another, is like if i was wrapped by your embrace and i dive into your eyes.
Sometimes what i feel overwhelm me and i cant hold back the tears. Our connection is the most beautiful thing i having in ths period. It makes me feel alive and is what i need and you are giving it to me. I love you with  all my heart.


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