“As, wake up” – ○74○

From a dream, we had looked at around us, but we were yet in that wonderful place but what it putted itself in front of us, was the path that, we had go through previously, but was it indicating us the way of the return.
Still confuse, but fully awareness, we were about leaving it.

clonerwar_forte_ayWe were exceeding another state of our connection.
All this was still so weird, but what which we were feeling, was everything we had wished, till we didn’t met us each other.

What it was important, was that we were together, and what which we had feel, it set us free from all our past, and in that place were only us.
Doing love, it was as if we become part of it place: we were a integral part of it, almost we were the nucleus.
We were realized of that, when we were leaving it to return to the real life.

While us returning to the apartment, trough that ray of light, we felt our reciprocal emotions only through the soft touch of our hands.
As, we had left it, when we have reached that wonderful place, we had crossed the red bricks of the wall, and the big window.

The time, was like stopped itself. All was static.
The thin dust in the air was still.
It was, as if the whole world stopped.

While we were go through the wall, and big window, everything, it has started to move, again.


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