“In that place” – ○73○

We were, as suspended between reality and a world that slowly we were about to know.

Our Parallel World.

mikeluke05forteYou have looked at me.
Slowly, you have left my hand and you was go on, taking off your shirt then the other clothes.
I was remained still there, looking at you, but something pushed me to do the same, and I followed you toward waterfall on a lake.

You was already inside the water, and with all sweetness, you have take me, and made me slide on your body, in the water.
Your lips has started to softly touch mine.
You tightened me in your arms, and our naked bodies, haven’t controlled their own instincts.
For a little bit, we stared at us one in another: we hadn’t say a word, there was no need.
Everything was so magic.
We have spoken only with our glances, and our emotions.

You have penetrated me so sweetly, while I tightened me to you.
We given ourselves small, and delicate kisses.
We had need of this, above all in that place, that by now, we knew be our parallel world.
Just ours.

We were pervaded by a heat in continuous growth, and weren’t our fluids that were merging each other: it was something more, and in that place, everything was dilating faster.

Sweetly we came out from the lake, and naked we lay on the meadow we have closed our eyes, while the sound, that has accompanied us in this world, slowly dissolved in the air.”


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