“That glance” – ○71○

It made me dived once again, in your soul.
You have left me for a second there, while I was there between thoughts, and sensations that wrapped me, without stop.

michealrYou were went to bring the empty tray in the kitchen. You was cleaning all that stuff, while I was observing you.
I was about to ask you, if you wanted some help, while you was coming in front of the table where I was, caressing my face, you said me: “No, my little princess, to me is enough that you are close to me”, and saying this, you have kissed my hand, just as a knight does with his lady.

Without realizing me, you was, already next to me, caressing my back.
Your eyes were so deep, that I’ve believed they would could pierce me.
My heart is exploded: I never seen all that carefulness mixed up with sweetness, as I’ve seen it in you.

When you’ve finished, you taken my hand and we went in your little favourite place.
We were about settle on the sofa, one close to another, when a sun ray entered in the apartment like a new path put itself, in front of us.

Our hands tightened themselves hard.”


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