“As hypnotized

By this ray that illuminated a straight way, we went trought it and we had go trought even the red brick wall and the big window and without realizing we walked in the air always on this ray of light, to reach a undefinied place, but in our deep, we knew,  was important for us.
divano11scuriWe were feeling  a deep melody was wrapping us, in our walk, while our feelings, emotions and above all our connection, it was dilating inside of us.
We weren’t scared, on the contrary, we knew,  that at the end of this walk, we would  been arrived in a place that we would have recognized, without ever have been there.
We have walked long time, but we werent tired.
You didnt ever asked me if i wanted rest, because what which you felt, was the same for me. A great sense of lightness in and outside and a big sense of peace around that this sound was able to creating.
More we were walking , more the ambient that arounded us has becoming from pastel color to complete white. But in all that white, we were perceive something. At naked eye, there was nothing, just white, but we were see the most beautiful place. Trees, waterfalls, rainbows, flowers, we were feel scents and always this sound that it made us feel as in the limbo of our feelings.”


⇐“That glance

“In that place ⇒

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