luketramonto_forteI’ve rembemered that dream i’ve made, when you sang with your all friend and i came in that big space, that now, i know it’s your part of your home in Melbourne and now i’m listening you in this song. Coincidence? My heart beating so hard that it could explode, and head is getting connect with you faster. All that is making me drives crazy.
I seen part of our future together, or just is just our parallel world uniting us just in this way, distant physically but more unite mentally?
My vise in stomach, in these hours, is strongly scrambled.
You, in that dream, after sang the song, have presented me to your friends.
It seems strange, as a song, and a dream are connected, after long time. I did know you sang, just because i’ve dreamt it, before i have listened to this piece.
Now i asking myself ‘Our parallel world has began more earlier of that dream i’ve made in december? We were laying lays the foundations  of our parallel world in that dream?’.
My head is exploding for really.
I just cant believe it.



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