“After” -○70○


That kiss, you wrapped me in your arms, and slowly we both were asleep.

We awakened us up still in arms of the other.
It was just the third day we have had pass together, but it seemed, it was passed an eternity.
It was like as if the time was dilated, and what which we were feeling, it slow down each thing.
We smiled us each other. We were still feel this interconnection between us, even we didn’t talk to each other, and by now all what happened had a sense in our lives.

We got up, and slowly we went in the kitchen for breakfast.
As always you taken me among your arms and we went down.

While we were go down, we didn’t take our eyes off one with another, and we smiled each other, and we were wrapped by this sense of suspension.

We had breakfast in the kitchen: the most grey and dark place of the open space.
I was about to ask you why it was so different, but as if you knew my question, you have replied me before I  opened the mouth.

“When I’ve moved myself here, it was the only thing that it was working, and for me it was okay”.
I looked at you tenderly, and touching your face, I’ve repeat in a whisper what I’ve said you in the bed.

Slowly you have embraced me, looking at me in the eyes.
Our hearts were beating hard.”


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