I’ve waited for

mikelukelumascuriTo write what i was feeling, believing that it was just a moment, instead it has grow up inside of me and now it has exploded as a bomb.
From an hour i’m feeling your closeness it making bigger and bigger, as if you was really here next to me, and if i close my eyes and i take the deep breathe i can feel you  really, as if you was really here.
My head is exploding as my heart is beating hard.
You have whispered my name many times, and everytime you’ve made i have felt it.
Our parallel world wants to unites us faster as possible.
Maybe, when i have started to feel our connection, you were read the last part of my tale…. Those bed red sheets of i’ve told you late night in the only retweet of your tweet you have posted. And from there, maybe, it’s began our strong connection i felt today.
It’s also, truth, that i have felt the other day, you wanted to say something and late night you have tweeted about the book you’re reading.
More i think about it, more i say to myself ‘Isnt possible that i could feel you in such way’, instead it’s so. More happening these things, more i’m conviced that we are connect in someway, and our parallel world exist for real.


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