“All what I was” – ○68○

Feeling inside of me, was a reborn of my emotions and I knew that it was the same for you.

I felt you in the kitchen that you got preparing something, and occasionally, you saying me: “I’m coming… I’m coming!’
Blushing, I was smile biting my lips.
Nobody ‘else had care of me, as you was doing in those hours.

micheal01sommaFor a second I have closed my eyes, while I was thinking to all the little things were happened.
I’ve heard you was going up the stairs.
You stopped yourself at threshold of the door with the tray in hands, and you have looked at me, sighing.
You approached to me, and another thought has escape from your mind: “I could look at you endlessly.”
I blushed once again, while you placed yourself on the edge of bed, making attention to don’t pour the content of tray.

In that moment, what which we have feeling it has been a thing that has grown up inside of us, at the same instant.
We have shared us a rapid glance, as if it was everything normal.
You have shyly smiled me, and I done the same.

We have take a glimpse at the tray on the red bed sheets, and clearing your voice, as if you wanted to put away that big feeling we were feeling, you have illustrated me what you had prepared: little sandwiches.

We had pass the rest of the evening between those red bed sheets. We have telling us something that we still didn’t know one of another, eating those sandwiches between glances, smiles, embarrassment, laughs and moments of real intimacy.”


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