“You was

Embracing me, while i could feel your heart beating.
We were still in bedroom, but we were as if we were collect in a little world and what we could feel were our sensations were expanded around us and they get us closer and closer.
We had didnt still eat nothing, but it seemed that we didnt need it.
It seemed that, by now, we feed us only by our emotions and that was enough.
011019instaplunforme-1You looked at me for a moment, then you have whispered me ‘How much you are beautiful’ as if  that  thought was escape from your mind. You were looking at me yet, as if you was lost in my eyes, and i could perceive your sensations.
They were the same that i was feeling.
We were in this world and we wasnt able to awake up from this atmosphere.
The first who gave a jolt at this strange situation, been you, asking me if  i wanted something from the kitchen.
Now, it was strange this demand, but on balance, we had to eat something.
Sweetly you have smiled me and slowly you have approached me, touching my lips, you have whispering me ‘ Dont you move yourself, my princess, i’ll be back soon’.
You went to the downstairs, almost running, and i was remained in the bed, and in those seconds, the only thing i’ve rembembered, it’s been the written note you have left me on the pillow few hours earlier, when you have went out to buy something for me, while i was sleeping.”


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