Suddenly i feel again your scent and in my mind snaps our connection and feel your eyes on me i can dont think that there isnt something of magic between us. You looking at me deeply wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you have thought about me, a little bit.
I feel your closeness more than ever. Your scent around me, and i feel your arms around me. I feel¬† you whisper me ‘Close you eyes’.
Slowly, you turning me around, and we entering in our parallel world, where ours sensansations expand themselves, and i here in my bedroom i can feel more your scent. I think to drive crazy.  You want to say me something?
I whisper you ‘How much i feel you close to me’, do you feel me, as i feel you.
My head is exploding of a feeling that overwhelm me everytime.
I remain breathless, when i feel your embrace. My heart is beating hard.
And you’re really close to me.


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