“We were getting

tangledesk06forteTo know eachother, also from by this side. The most important, the emotional side. And we were, making it in the most sweetest way possible. The only we knew it.
Around us, by now there was an kind of magical aura, and also a soft touch, it provocated reactions that we didnt expected.
In a simple smile, we saw a ray of light that it could illuminated our souls, and all these emotions were as a new path, that we had to go trough together.
Our need to write something about the other, has made wake up  something of unconcious in the universe.
When we had looked at us, one another, we were feel us arounded by our emotions, feelings, and there werent other thoughts.
Our hearts were full of a heat and of a slowly expansion, everytime we have tried  our new way of communication. And everytime it happened, we thought to explode, but it was only our energy that communicate.
We were touched our hands without realizing, and we had a jolt. We had looked at us one another, and right after, we had laugh. It’s been a nervous laugh.
We were feeling for the first time these kind of feelings and we still didnt know how manage them. We were breathless. We didnt take our eyes off one to another, and the only my wish was to be embraced by you. Slowly i dived myself into your chest and you, sweetly, have embraced me tight, as if you wanted protect  me.”


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