“So i

tangle0044forteHave looked at you with all the awarness that you knew already my reply ‘We are living a dream that, slowly, has becoming real…’
You was looking at me, sweetly, and at the end of a moment that it seemed no end you have whispered me ‘I love you. I believe to have wait this moment for the whole of my life, and at the end you arrived.’
My heart beated hard. We stared at us one in another.
Your words still floated in the air, while our feelings roared in our souls.
We didn’t move, but inside of us, happened the exact contrary. We were feeling, as if a new light entered in us and it heat us. And it was so.
Since from it was began all all this, we floated in what which we were feeling, one for another. And what we had feel till now, it was one, if not, the most big feeling that a human being had never felt. And we were feeling just so in these moments, as overwhelm, while we looking at us, one in another.”


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“We were getting ⇒

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