Just i



Came in bedroom i have felt different scent.
Something it have said me, you have whispered my name, as if you scream it. My vise in the stomach has became bigger and bigger. And now i feel our parallel world getting connect us one to another
By now i only need of you.
Im realizing of this more the days passes by, i only need of our dimension we have created together, unconciously. I need of these feelings you are able to give me, always more.
I open myself more with you than with  other persons.
I dont know if ever you read what i writing on this open diary, i always hope, and a little voice, says me you do it sometime and now that i feel this new scent, i want to believe firmly that is our parallel world exist really and it wants us meet in all the ways possible. And now i feel your embrace. All that is crazy.
I still cant believe it what i living, and i living it with the guy that i’ve started to appreciate, for a case in 2009. You


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