“We looked

At one in another, aware that we had strenghtned what has happened in those hours earlier and in that union we have felt stronger and stronger, in what which we had feel, one for another, since from we have shared our first glance, in that bar.
And maybe, we have thought, that it has been this Parallel World, made of magic stones and a mix up of sensations never felt them before, made us meet.
We looked at us, and the emotions we were feel, were so big that we couldnt hold back them.
tangle059sovvrappostoWe have feel something that arounded us, and we were surprised, how this new feeling made us feel.
As if we were about to be transportated in another world, but always remaining in the same place. Your home.
We have felt inside of us, as roaring engine that it was about ready to go.
It was strange but at the same time, the most beautiful sensation, we ever felt.
We were still stunned for what which we were feeling. We didnt take our eyes off. Your dived into mine and i  dived in your.
What which we were seeing, it was a moltitude of colors in a world that we were creating with all of our emotions and sensations that we were feeling, just looking at us, one another.
You were caressing my face, and in a whisper you have asked me ‘Does it happening for real?’.”



“So i ⇒

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