Here i’m

lukebooklollomoltiplicaTo think of you, to whisper a little your name, and to wait for the magic happens.
While i write i close my eyes for a second and our little eletric shocks getting connect themselves and slowly we enter in our parallel world.
Slowly we touching our souls, despite we are so far, one from another, but this music we feeling it helps us, in someways, to be closer in our hearts.
I feel, you are coming to me and sweetly you’re embrace me.
I love to feel your embrace.
Your chest against my back and your arms that arounds me, it’s a feeling that i will love till it will last.
My breathe has becoming short and you know it.
You feel it.
Slowly, you turn me around and our glances meet and our parallel world is exploding around us, with all its emotions and sensantions that it make us feel.



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