tanglegreenmoltiplica043On that bed, our bodies were about meet again.
In your eyes, i could see your desire to touch me, to kiss me, to make love again. To the other side, i was there and my desire to be kissed by you.
You lied down next to me and little by little our lips touched themselves so sweetly that they have fomented our deepest wild thoughts, but always with a gentilness never felt before.
You had that shirt, that magically, it was opened and i’ve could made  slide it down on your arms, while your moaning thrilled me always more.
Your eyes were languid into mine. Our kisses always more wildly sweet, were about become more light but, more passionate. Your hands on my bare skin, were about exploring between my legs and your mouth has wanted to lick my nipples. It missed me the breathe, and i’ve closed my eyes for a second, You left me take the breathe again. Slowly you have take my both arms and you have lifted them up. While you have looked at me, then you have kissed me, i have felt you entered in me.
Slowly, but always more faster, we both have reached the peak of our passion.
With this act of love, you have wanted unite me to you still more, under the will of the stones and on what which we have created.”


⇐“We didnt

“We looked ⇒

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