As i’ve whispered

inxs_capovolta_scuriYour name, our connection has began. Now i feel you close to me. I feel your closeness more strong and nobody take me off from my mind that in these days you have take a look on what i wrote in this open diary. This sensation get bigger and bigger, and almost never i wrong.
In these hours our parallel world getting connect us, one to another and we both feel it.
While i writing you, i feel, you’re behind me, embracing me tight.
You leave me without the breath, i must close my eyes. I feel your hands on my hips. Despite our distance i feel you’re here. And now i have the certainty that dream i’ve made, almost 10 months ago, it told me the truth.¬† You told me a part of your life. And from that dream it has began our connection.
I just cant  still believe it. I miss the breathe.
Does it has began so? Apparentely yes. And from that day of december, little by little we have felt us eachotjer always more close, till to arrives to today. At this moment, where it seems impossible, but it seems, we both can feel us eachother, as if we were in the same room, looking at us one another. My feelings are exploding. You’re close to me.


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