“We didnt

Realized that in those few hours, we had accomplished our destiny and it was drawn down among these little stones and we only us knew their meaning. We were bonded and we feel it around us and inside of us.
We stared at us, while inside of us, it was developing a new sensation or better a new perception.
glowen0042forteWe were on that sofa, but you slowly was stand up yourself, stretching your hand toward me. My heart has started to beat hard. I have took your hand and you have whispered me ‘Come… with me’.
The stair was there, a few steps from your favorte little angle of your large room.
You have made me to go up the first little stair and you have stop me, you have turn me round toward you, and what which you have made me feel, has been one of the most intesive seconds of whole my life. In your eyes, i’ve seen how it would been my life with you. My heart drove crazy. While i’ve seen this, you have taking me in your arms and we have go up to the bedroom.
Close to the bed, you have me lied down sweetly on it and slowly, you was approached yourself to me, while i was completly arounded by these feelings that you was made me feeling.
They were exploded in the exact moment you have lean down your lips on my mouth.”


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“There ⇒

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