It’s been so

Suddenly that i have felt your closeness, that my heart had a jolt and the emotions has been so big that i couldnt holded the tears. And now we are in our parallel world, in front, one to another. I feel your hands holding my hips and your eyes into mine and you whisper me ‘It’s all ok’.
I’ve dived myself in your eyes and what which i see your total sweetness towards me. If i close my eyes, yet, i can feel your hands trough the t-shirt i have on, and despite it’s dirty, you find it seductive.
lukegeorgejin_scuri9In our parallel world we feel us close eachother in a such way that we still dont understand, but when one of us whisper the name of the other, it happens the magic. And i still looking for what has made click in that dream i’ve made from where it’s born all that. And meanwhile, i still feel your hands embrace me.  And my heart beating hard.
In someway, our parallel world getting connect us more easier than earlier. We both, go trough this path, you by a side and me from the opposite side, and slowly we are approaching to us eachother and at the end, we will stop us in front, one to another, we will looking at us, one another and the only thing we will do, we will be caress us then we will kiss us sweetly.


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