“We were still

Dazed and we had our hand in the other for fear that everything could be disappears.
But of which we didnt realized, it was that mine and one of the your stone had communicated. So, also in your apartment was happened the same that was happened in my little white apartment. In my apartement we’ve seen Algiz, and we have felt some emotions. Here, other  one stone was falled on the floor.
When you’ve realized of that, you have whispered my name and you have indicated the stone on the floor. It was Fehu. I was remained speechless, cause it was one of the stones, that i have always prefered and it had a great meaning .
You have collected it and with it in hand, you came next to me, on the sofa.  With a thread of voice, i’ve asked you what all that did meant.
We were looked at us, and we both knew its meaning.
With Fehu the circle was completed, closed, and we had the awarness that something more powerful than other,  it had found us and united, and we were about start a new life together.”

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